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Workshops Spend quality class time with Polymer Master Artisans. Classes start at 10am, however, classrooms open 1 hour earlier-use this time to set up or visit. Be sure to read the Materials List for each class to know what supplies you need to bring to class.
Please note that the selling of members merchandise at any Guild event is prohibited unless the member has written permission from the instructor and the Board members prior to the event. The member is required to to give the Guild 10% of all proceeds from merchandise sold. The selling of merchandise by non-Guild members is prohibited at any of our Guild events.

Please note our payment policy for workshops at NYPCG are as follows. These costs are per person, per day, unless otherwise indicated:

Payment Date Members Non-Members
Payments made up to approx. 4 weeks prior to workshop date $100 per day $120 per day
Payments made after 4 weeks prior to workshop, up through the Guild meeting preceeding workshop $110 per day $130 per day
Walk-ins (after the meeting, if space is available) $120 per day $140 per day
Workshops fees are refundable less a $50.00 administrative fee.

Please send all payments to Valerie Hall
109-63 202nd Street
St. Albans, NY 11412
You can find the printable application for all workshops and Clay Days here. (Microsoft Word .doc file)
Please make checks payable to: New York Polymer Clay Guild Inc. - please do not use any acronyms of any sort.
Address your mail to "Valerie Hall", as different mailmen may not recognize "NYPCG" immediately and may return some mail.

If you have questions about payments, please e-mail valerie at:

Donna Greenberg
Oct 29 & 30, 2016 10am-3pm "Fossil Bone" Necklace  
The "Fossil Bone" Necklace workshop, with Donna Greenberg

The Fossil Bone necklace is a beautiful organic statement piece that combines the subtle beauty of antique, fossilized bones with chic modern style.
Students will learn the unique hand sculpting and carving techniques of Donna’s signature style bones beads. A lot of emphasis will be put on creating naturalistic forms with lots of textures that look as if Mother Nature herself created them.
To bring a lasting sense of depth, age and color, students will learn how Donna mixes and applies subtle, layered oil paint glazes to draw out all of the textural interest in their handwork.
In addition to the lovely bone beads, students will learn how to make the simple but effective small marbled Heishi beads that connect it all together. Donna will discuss design options to help students create a unique one of a kind necklace that will be strung on polished leather cord.
To tie it all together, students will create an effective polymer clasp system that can be utilized for many other necklace projects.

Materials List:
"Fossil Bone" Necklace
  1. Pasta machine, acrylic roller
  2. Tissue blade, x-acto knife with #11 blade, a one sided razor blade
  3. Work surface
  4. Clay. 5 pkgs white. 1 pkg each of 3 clay colors. Sample images are pinks or greens with browns. But you can use your favorite colors, scrap colors as well
  5. Small ball head decorator tools from Sculpey or fondant ball and shaping tools. This is the best tool for this technique and a great addition to your tool kit. You can get it in the 5-in-1 tool or in a package of 3 ball heads from Sculpey or other online stores. or
  6. Needle tools such as Sculpey Etch and Pearls or chopsticks or thin knitting needles are good. Even long metal nails can be used
  7. Textured foam mesh sheet for holding clay while detailing and for hiding fingerprints. I use foam replaceable air conditioner filters that I cut up from Home Depot. Donna Kato sells a pkg of 3 Clay Yo textures that are very handy.
  8. Polypaste or Liquid clay
  9. 3 small flat ,round and detail round head paint brushes. 1/8, ¼ and ½ in. width bristles if possible. I will have some extra. Click here to see what the brushes should look like
  10. 3 oz paper cups to mix paint. A small can or large plastic cup for brush cleaner
  11. Paper towels, aluminum foil, wax paper
  12. Tooth picks
  13. Alcohol
  14. 320,400 and 600 grit sandpaper

A $9.00 materials fee will cover: Paints, varnishes and glazes to share among the class, polished leather cording for stringing your necklace on, epoxy clay, appropriate sized skewers for baking beads, and adhesive.